New dyeing technology

New dyeing technology

 New dyeing technology, the birth of the Hongkong University of science and technology development of cotton knitted fabric surface staining technology
The world's first successful application of reactive dyes on cotton knitted fabrics for surface staining, and the production of a T- - shirt with a fashion denim clothing, but also has the advantages of low carbon environmental protection.
In the present study, the technology of surface dyeing of cotton fabric with reactive dyes is studied. The knitted fabric can be dyed by the surface of the knitted fabric which has the effect of washing the jeans. Because only the surface dyeing, dyes and chemical additives, the amount of less than half of the conventional dyeing method, can significantly reduce pollution, green.
Because of the low liquid volume, save the energy of baking. This technology will be used for routine dyeing by eight hours to a few minutes, is a low carbon emissions of dyeing technology. This technology also has the advantages of complete chromatogram and bright color.
Features and advantages:
1 can be made with a fashion washing effect of the cotton knitted T- shirt;
2 environmental protection: the amount of dye is less than half of the conventional dyeing method;
3 low carbon: dyeing processing time shortened to a few minutes from 4-8 hours;
4 chromatography is complete, bright color.
Application: the invention can provide the processing technology of the cotton knitting industry with the T- - shirt with jeans washing style. The annual output of cotton knitted fabric is more than 8000000 tons, and the annual output of cotton T- - shirt is not less than 20000000000, so this technology has broad application prospect. It can save a lot of energy and reduce a lot of carbon emissions.

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